Sunday, January 20, 2019

Court Martial

TOS Season 1 Episode 20
Air Date: February 2nd, 1967

The episode centers around Kirk under trial for the death of one of his crew, Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Finney. The reason for the court martial is the computer says he ejected a pod which resulted in the death before he declared red alert but Kirk's report says he waited until the last possible moment and after he declared red alert.

The case against him involved two points. One, proving the computer is most likely accurate, including some video evidence that the ship was in yellow alert when the pod was jettisoned. Two, that Kirk and Finney had a bad relationship stemming in Kirk filing a report of Finney's incompetence when they served aboard the USS Republic. This caused Finney to be passed up for promotions while Kirk eventually got command of the Enterprise.

In the end, Kirk's lawyer discovers that Finney isn't dead but hiding on the ship modifying evidence. They find Kinney by evacuating the Enterprise crew to the starbase and then use acoustic sensors to listen for heart beats, using a microphone to remove the hearbeat of everyone who is left.

The episode ends with Kirk and Finney fighting in main engineering. The fight scene is one of many fight scenes where you can obviously tell that they used a stunt double. Many scenes shows the face of the double and with the HD remaster it is even more noticeable.

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