Friday, January 11, 2019

Dagger of the Mind

TOS Season 1 Episode 9
Air Date: November 3rd, 1966

If someone is a violent criminal, is it better to incarcerate them or just use mind control to change them to remove violent tendency and turn them into law abiding citizens?

Dagger of the Mind starts with the Enterprise bringing supplies to a high security prison for the criminally insane. During the transfer of supplies, the Enterprise gets a stowaway who successfully gets to the bridge with a phaser. After subduing the stowaway they learn that there is something preventing him from talking about the prison. The prisoner actually experiences pain when trying to talk about it. This episode was the first one where we see the Vulcan mind meld. Spock melds with the stowaway to try to find out what is causing the pain he was experiencing.

When Kirk and the ships psychologist transports down to the prison to investigate they discover that the prisoner was actually one of the staff of the prison and not actually a prisoner. Doing some investigation they learn that the facility is using a mind control system to subdue violent tendencies. In the end, the Warden/Doctor running the facility gets stuck in his own mind control chair and ends up getting his mind altered to the point that he dies.

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