Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mirror, Mirror

TOS Season 2 Episode 4
Air Date: October 6th, 1967

This episode sets up a series of future episodes of an alternate reality where the development of human civilization closely matches our own development with the exception that everyone is more aggressive and selfish.

When the away team consisting of Kirk, McCoy, Uhura and Scotty beam back to the Enterprise an ion storm causes them to appear on an alternate Enterprise. It is immediately clear that things are different. For one, Spock has a goatee and the uniforms are different. Spock also indicates that he is ready to destroy the population below for not agreeing to give them dilithium crystals. The funny part is the Kirk from the alternate universe was caught right away and put in the brig.

When Kirk refuses to destroy the population on the planet, Spock is given orders to kill Kirk if he doesn't comply with orders which leads to a final showdown in sickbay (which has more bad stunt double fight scenes). After winning Sulu shows up to kill both Kirk and Spock to take command of the Enterprise, but Kirk's mistress in this reality uses a secret weapon to kill Sulu's accomplices and Kirk knocks out Sulu.

McCoy decides to treat Spock's wounds instead of letting him die, compassion from our universe. Spock learns about the two realities and decides to help them get back so he can get his captain back. Kirk was able to convince Spock to try to take control of the Enterprise and change the Empire to be better then it is.

Three red shirts died this episode, and even though it is in another reality I am going to count it. Two crewman with yellow robes died but I have been refraining from counting them.

"It's called blood" - Kirk to McCoy
"In every revolution there is one man with a vision" - Kirk

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