Saturday, January 26, 2019

The City on the Edge of Forever

TOS Season 1 Episode 28
Air Date: April 6th, 1967

Another time traveling episode. This time it is due to a sentient gateway on a post-apocalyptic planet.

A time distortion causes McCoy to accidentally inject himself with a hundred doses of a drug he was using to help Sulu. The drug causes him to go insane and escape to the surface. When they find McCoy on the surface he jumps through a time travelling gateway that calls itself The Guardian of Forever that sends him to 1930s New York. After McCoy disappears, the Enterprise also is gone. It seems that history changed.

Kirk and Spock have the gateway to send them back shortly before McCoy does so they can stop him from doing whatever it was he does that changes the future. They arrive a few weeks before McCoy and befriend a lady, Edith Keeler, who runs a mission/soup kitchen. Spock eventually discovers that Edith has one of two futures. In one future she starts a movement to keep peace which causes the US to not enter WWII until much later which gives Germany the time it needed to get to the atomic bomb first. The axis wins the war and history is changed. The other future is where Edith is hit by a car and never starts the movement.

When McCoy finally arrives, he ends up finding his way to the mission and befriending Edith too. Though he doesn't know Kirk is here and he starts to feel better from the drug he had taken. When Edith is with Kirk and mentions Dr. McCoy, Kirk runs back to the mission and sees McCoy. But then Edith goes to walk across the street and a car is coming. Kirk realizes that she has to die and stopped McCoy from rescuing her.

This was hard on Kirk as he had fallen in love with her and he had to let her die. I am curious if this will come back in future episodes as he truly seemed to be affected by her death more so then other women he has been interested in.

Overall I enjoyed this episode in spite of it being about time travel. Sometime in the TNG or Voyager series I will write a piece about time travel and the problems I have with it. It seems to be a cliche that Star Trek uses a lot and while they are fun episodes there are things that tend to irk me in them.

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