Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Enemy Within

TOS Season 1 Episode 5
Air Date: October 22nd, 1966

What happens if you take away you separate your aggressive more primal side from your compassionate and passive side. A transporter malfunction causes Kirk to spit into two versions of himself, effectively the good and evil side. While Scotty is trying to find a way to fix the transporter to put Kirk back together and rescue the away team (shuttles aren't a thing yet), the crew has to deal with the issues of having two Captain Kirk.

As a warning, this episode does have a scene where the evil Kirk tries to rape Yeoman Rand which I wasn't expecting in a 60s show. The episode deals with the idea that every person has a good and evil side and even though we may not want to be evil, that side does give us useful traits such as the ability to make decisions or to defend ourselves when attacked. In the end they were able to fix the transporter, get Kirk put back together and rescue the away team. I wasn't a fan of how after merging the two Kirks they blew over the impact on Yeoman Rand and even tried to suggest the idea of a future romance.

There was an alien dog with a horn that was obviously a dog dressed up in a costume. It was also split into two with one side being vicious and the other being docile. It died when they tried to put it back together. I never forgive movies or TV shows for killing dogs.

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