Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The First Day

Things got off on a rocky start, but it was a success. I had loaded up my old Amazon Fire HD with 16 episodes of The Original Series in preparation for my trip to France. Before I left home, I was searching for my headphones so I can watch it on the plane as planned, but I couldn't find them. My wife gave me her Apple earbuds that came with her last iPhone still in the package as a replacement, but when I got on the plane I found out that the headphones were not 3.5mm but instead a lightning connector. Air France provided headphones for the flight but when I tried to use them, the audio was at a whisper. The Fire HD doesn't seem to output that much volume and the videos I had were quiet to begin with. Thankfully I was able to get my wife to part with the Bose headphones she was using which were powered and was able to watch the first episode on time.

So, at 12:00am PST on January 1st, 2019 I watched Man Trap, the first episode of Star Trek aired. The episode was interesting. It involved a creature that was the last of it's kind that survives by eating salt. Their species had consumed all the salt on their planet leaving them with no food. They have an interesting ability where they can read your thoughts and make you think that you are somebody else. The overall story was enjoyable but there were tropes that today just seemed hard to watch that today wouldn't fly.

There is a meme in Star Trek where if you go on an away mission, and you see a character wearing a red uniform, they would probably die as they were the expendable character. John Scalzi even wrote a comedic novel called Red Shirts that made fun of this. In my spread sheet I created new columns to keep track of which color shirts died in each episode, and Interestingly in the Man Trap, two blue shirts and one gold shirt died.

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