Wednesday, January 23, 2019

This Side of Paradise

TOS Season 1 Episode 24
Air Date: March 2nd, 1967

They should have named this episode Spock In Love.

The Enterprise arrive at an Earth colony that they expect to have failed with all colonist lost due to some form of radiation that they didn't know about when they colonized. But when the Enterprise gets there, they are all still alive. McCoy notices that they are all also in excellent health and one even had their tonsils grow back.

There is a space fungus (they traveled through space and found this planet. They are attracted tom the radiation) that is on the planet whose spores help keep people alive on the planet but it also makes them docile and carefree. Spock is the first to get infected by an old work colleague who has feelings for him. They fall in love. The fungus is brought up to the enterprise and infects everyone else. Only Kirk seems to be unaffected by the spores. It is never explained why. When Kirk is the only one left on the ship he gets a second dose of the spores which this time seems to sink in, but before beaming down to the surface he gets angry and the spores dissipate from his system.

Now he knows that the effect can be broken with anger he first makes Spock angry then they work on the rest of the crew.

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