Saturday, January 12, 2019

Week Two

Second week down. I was still recovering from illness and Tuesday was reserved to travel. I got through an episode on the plane but was pretty much sleeping the entire time. On Friday I have a friend staying at my place for the weekend which takes away my catch up opportunity. Next weekend I plan to go through 5 episodes a day hoping to catch up and I get MLK day off.

This week a few red shirts did die, all in one episode leaving the count at Red: 2, Blue: 4, Gold 3.

I only got through 4 episodes this week but I do want to recommend two for viewing. Mudd's Women is an ok episode but I have seen articles saying that Harry Mudd will be in Star Trek Discovery so it might be good to watch this one just to see how they are different. My favorite episode of the 4 was What Little Girls Are Made Of. It was the first introduction of androids in the Star Trek universe and it was Majel Berret's first episode as Nurse Christine Chapel.

TOS S1E6: Mudd's Women
TOS S1E7: What Little Girls Are Made Of
TOS S1E8: Miri
TOS S1E9: Dagger of the Mind

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