Sunday, January 27, 2019

Week Four

This week I was able to watch thirteen of the required fourteen episodes excluding what I needed to catch up for the past three weeks. I should be almost finished season two but just finished season one. I will try to watch three episodes a day this week to see if I can get partially caught up though it has been tough.

This week gave me some good episodes to watch. Space Seed, the episode that introduced Khan. One of my favorite episodes from when I was a kid A Taste of Armageddon and the final episode of the season Operation: Annihilate! are all worth watching. I would give an honourable mention to Devil in the Dark and The City on the Edge of Forever. This week I also saw the fight scene between Kirk and Gorn, subjectively listed as the worse fight scene ever in Arena.

Two red shirts died and one blue shirt this week which brings things very close.

TOS S1E10: The Squire of Gothos
TOS S1E18: Arena
TOS S1E19: Tomorrow is Yesterday
TOS S1E20: Court Martial
TOS S1E21: The Return of the Archons
TOS S1E22: Space Seed
TOS S1E23: A Taste of Armageddon
TOS S1E24: This Side of Paradise
TOS S1E25: The Devil in the Dark
TOS S1E26: Errand of Mercy
TOS S1E27: The Alternative Factor
TOS S1E28: The City on the Edge of Forever
TOS S1E29: Operation: Annihilate!

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