Friday, February 8, 2019

A Private Little War

TOS Season 2 Episode 19
Air Date: February 2nd, 2019

Kirk returns to the first planet he surveyed when he started in starfleet. The indigenous people who live a simple peaceful life with weapons no better then bows and arrows. Only this time they discover some have flint lock rifles, something they shouldn't have for hundreds if not thousands of years from now.

They notice the people with rifles were going to kill another group with bows and arrows, one of which was someone Kirk befriended many years before, Tyree. Kirk throws a rock at the rifleman as he is not allowed to use a phaser. Spock gets shot but they escape to the Enterprise. Once they are in orbit they discover Kinglons in orbit.

In order to find out if the Klingons are interfering with the development of the people on the planet, Kirk transports back down with McCoy but before they can reach the more primitive people he gets attacked by a creature that poisons him. They meet up with Kirk's friend who is able to help but they need to get back to the Enterprise but it had to leave orbit to hide from the Klingons.

Tyree's wife discovers that Kirk and McCoy have energy weapons they they could use to defeat their enemies. Tyree asks his wife to save Kirk, and she uses a root and some odd voodoo like power to heal Kirk. But in the process she gains a power over him.

Kirk sits down with Tyree to ask for help in discovering what the other village is up to. Tyree's wife interjects and says that Kirk needs to help arm them so they can fight back but Tyree refuses to give into violence. Kirk and McCoy go to the other village and discover the Klingons are helping one side to develop weapons more quickly. Kirk decides the only thing he can do is teach his side the same knowledge. This leads to Tyree's wife getting killed which changes Tyree's mind on violence.

This episode is an allegory for the war in Vietnam paralleling the Americans and the Russians arming the different countries in south Asia.

"He'll live or die now Jim, I don't know which" - McCoy

"Hit me. The pain will help me to regain consciousness. Hit me." - Spock

"Well Jim, here is another morsel of agony for you. Since Tyree refuses to fight, he will be the first to die" - McCoy

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