Saturday, February 23, 2019

All Our Yesterdays

TOS Season 3 Episode 23
Air Date: March 14th, 1969


The Enterprise is tasked to investigate a planet called Sarpeidon whose star is about to go nova that is inhabited by millions of non-space faring people. However when they arrive, the planet is devoid of humanoid life. They transport down to the last remaining life form on the planet, a librarian named Atoz. He was surprised to see Kirk, Spock and McCoy but insists that they get prepared as there isn't much time left before the star goes nova. Kirk asks where are the people and Atoz shows them these metallic cylinders that display different points in the planets history. While Kirk was looking at one that shows a time that matches the style of Earth's 18th century he hears a woman call out for help. When he runs to help her, the doorway to the next room turns out to be a doorway to where that disk was displaying. McCoy and Spock run to help but end up in a frozen tundra which is what McCoy was looking at.

Kirk is able to communicate with Spock and McCoy for a brief point at the portal entrance before Kirk is taken captive and accused of witchcraft. Meanwhile McCoy and Spock are freezing and look for shelter.

Kirk ends up escaping from the jail with the help of someone else who came from the future. Turns out the way the people of Sarpeidon escape their stars fate was to go back in time and life their lives out in their history without using their knowledge of the future to effect the timeline. When he escapes he finds the portal and heads back to the present.

Meanwhile Spock and McCoy bump into a woman named Zarabeth who was outcast to the ice age of her planet since she was a criminal in her time. She gives them shelter and while McCoy recovers from hypothermia, Spock and Zarabeth become closer, even going into the realm of romance. When McCoy wakes up he notices Spock is acting peculiar and realizes that being in a time 5000 years earlier is effecting his ability to contain his emotions. He convinces Spock that they have to get back and they make it to the present with minutes to spare before the star goes nova. Even with his emotions in check, you can see some sadness in Spock's eyes as he is being beamed up.


"Now, you listen to me, you pointed-eared Vulcan." - McCoy
"I don't like that. I don't think I ever did, and now I'm sure!" - Spock

"Where are you from?" - Prosecutor
"An island." - Kirk
"What is this island?" - Prosecutor
"It's called Earth." - Kirk

"Are you trying to kill me, Spock? Is that what you really want? Think; what are you feeling? Rage, jealousy? Have you ever had those feelings before?" - McCoy
"This is impossible. Impossible. I am a Vulcan." - Spock
"The Vulcan you knew won't exist for another five thousand years. Think, man. What's happening on your planet right now, this very moment?" - McCoy
"My ancestors are barbarians. Warlike barbarians." - Spock
"Who nearly killed themselves off with their own passions. Spock, you're reverting into your own ancestors five thousand years before you were born!" - McCoy

"I'm behaving disgracefully. I have eaten animal flesh and I've enjoyed it. What is wrong with me?" - Spock

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