Saturday, February 23, 2019

Beyond the Farthest Star

TAS Season 1 Episode 1
Air Date: September 8th, 1973


The Enterprise is star charting the outer rim of the galaxy when they are suddenly pulled off course. They try to compensate but are unable to break free of whatever is pulling them in. They then notice a dead star that has a large gravitational pull and when they realize they can't break free, they use all power available to go get into a stable orbit. They then notice another ship that is in the same boat. Only this ship has been there for over 300 million years. There is no power or life, the ship's temperature is near absolute zero. The only reading they get is an odd magnetic signature.

Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty transport over to the other ship. They find that the ship resembles a bee hive or an ant colony. Each pod within the ship has a large hole in it, and it looks like it blew up on the outside. Once they get into the ship, they find the main control room, which instantly powers up and creates an oxygen nitrogen atmosphere. They lose communications with the ship. They start exploring finding the ships log. Spock figures out how to translate it and it is a warning that they had to destroy their own ship to prevent a life form from escaping this star. Meanwhile something was trying to break into the control room. Once it succeeds, the Enterprise is able to communicate again, and transports the away team back. It also transports a magnetic life form.

This life form takes over the ship and tries to force the crew to get it out of orbit. Spock and Scotty are able to rig a manual override and dives towards the start threatening to destroy the Enterprise. The magnetic entity leaves the Enterprise to avoid destruction and the Enterprise uses a slingshot maneuver to break free leaving the magnetic entity behind.


This is my first time ever watching the animated series, and I was actually surprised. There wasn't too much repetitive scenes that were famous in cartoons of that era and the story felt like a typical Star Trek episode. Since it is animated they were able to do things they couldn't do in the original series such as having a four armed navigator. I wonder if we will see Chekov in this series. All the voice acting was well done with all the actors from the original series reprising their roles.


"Don't leave me alone. Please, please. So lonely." - Magnetic Entity

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