Saturday, February 9, 2019

By Any Other Name

TOS Season 2 Episode 22
Air Date: February 23rd, 1968

Answering a distress call from a planet, upon transporting down they are greeted by two people who demand that Kirk will surrender his ship. Kirk makes a move to subdue the male named Rojan, but he pushes a button on his belt that causes everyone to freeze. Once Rojan convinces them that he has absolute power over the away team he releases them and allows them to ask questions.

They find out that they are called Kelvan and they come from the Andromeda galaxy. They came to the milky way to find a galaxy they can conquer and live in as the Andromeda galaxy is emitting too much radiation and eventually will call all life. The Kelvan's ship was destroyed entering into the Milky Way galaxy due to an energy field. The same energy field that the Enterprise encountered in the episode Where No Man Had Gone Before.

The away team attempts to escape but get caught (they always seem to get caught). As punishment, Rojan shows his power by taking two of the away team, the security officer and the yeoman, into a small block. He crushes one, killing the yeoman but restores the security officer.

Kirk and Spock come up with a plan to use medical equipment to create a repulsor field that may block the paralyze beam that the Kelvans use. In order to get back to the ship to work on it, Spock fakes an illness. It turns out that the technology was too advanced to be overridden.

Once through the barrier, Rajan orders that non essential crew be neutralized, aka turned into small blocks. Uhura and Chekov are included in this neutralization. Only McCoy, Spock, Scott and Kirk are left alive.

Spock realizes that the Kelvans are only taking human form for the first time and have never really experienced things like taste or emotions which could be their Achilles heel. McCoy takes the angle of providing medical care but secretly controlling what medicine they are given. Scotty starts a drinking game with another. Kirk seduces one of the Kelvan women. Spock uses his logic and intellect to make Rojan experience jealousy of Kirk.

Scotty is able to get his Kelvan to pass out drunk, but he himself passes out. Kirk succeeds in getting Rojan jealous and gets into a fight with Rojan and is able to convince him that it is better to colonize the Milky Way then to conquer it.

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - Kirk/Shakespeare

"You would really do that? You would extend welcome to invaders?" - Rojan
"No. But we would welcome friends." - Kirk

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