Wednesday, February 13, 2019

For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

TOS Season 3 Episode 8
Air Date: November 8th, 1968


A barrage of missles inbound, aimed at the Enterprise easily stopped with phasers but from an unknown source. They track the direction the missiles came from and plot a course. Meanwhile, McCoy completed the annual physical of the entire crew and discovers one is terminally ill with at most a year of life left, himself.

They find that the source is an asteroid that uses a primitive nuclear power source leaving a trail of waste behind it. The asteroid is hollow and has a breathable atmosphere. The course of the asteroid is a planet with a 3 billion population and it will hit in just over a year.

Kirk, Spock and McCoy (who insisted in joining the away mission) transport to the asteroid, which from the inside looks like a planet, with a sky and all. the surface is covered with these large cylinders that open up and a bunch of men pop out and attack and capture the away team. They are introduced to the World of Yonada. The people don't realize they are on a ship. Everyone except one old man who explored the surface and discovered that they are in a hollow sphere.

They are brought before a pillar that speaks to them and first calls them enemies, but later honored guests. The locals call it the Oracle. Kirk and Spock are allowed to go explore, and while they do, McCoy and one of the leaders Natira talk and start to fall in love. Natira wants McCoy to become her mate and he informs her of his disease.

Kirk and Spock make their way to the oracle room and Spock recognizes the writing on the wall as being of a race whos planet went supernova many years ago. The people lived undergrounds so their ship being an asteroid fits their style. They explore the control room and find the "Oracle" is not present even though the pillar is. Then Natira comes in and asks the Oracle if she can have McCoy as her mate, and discovers Kirk and Spock. She condemns them both to death.

McCoy pleads for Kirk and Spocks life and tells her that he will stay with her but she has to let them go and she agrees. Kirk and Spock transport back to the Enterprise and McCoy marries Natira which requires that he become part of their society which includes inserting some kind of technology in his head.

McCoy learns that there is a book that is to be read when they arrive at their new home and can leave their current World. McCoy communicates with Kirk to tell him about the book but the Oracle starts attacking him like an old man who also died when trying to reveal what he knew. Spock was able to get back in time to remove the implant and save McCoy.

Kirk goes before the Oracle and tries to convince it that they need to read the book to fix the course the ship is on but the Oracle tries to burn them alive. They get the book and use it to turn off the Oracle and get control of the ship. The Oracle is just the ships computer. Spock fixes one of the engines and fixes the course.

Natira tells McCoy that she is going to stay with her ship and that McCoy should go with his. They find in the ships computer the medical banks which happens to have the solution to the illness that McCoy is suffering.


"But things are not as they teach us. For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky!" - Old Man

"McCoy, there is something I must say. Since the moment I. It is not in the manner of the people to hide their feelings." - Natira
"Honesty is usually wise." - McCoy
"Is there a woman for you?" - Natira

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