Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Mudd's Passion

TAS Season 1 Episode 10
Air Date: November 10th, 1973


The Enterprise enters the Arcadia system looking for Harry Mudd. Harry Mudd is selling the miners of the planet a liquid that makes any women attracted to whomever he touches after applying the liquid. Kirk tells Mudd that he is being arrested for a series of crimes. Mudd says this planet doesn't recognize Federation law. Spock shows the people that Mudd created an illusion of a beautiful women which makes the people angry. Kirk rescues Mudd, but then arrests him on the Enterprise.

Mudd gives Nurse Chapel a crystal that can cause a man, specifically Spock, to fall in love with her. He uses this as an opportunity to get out of the brig with Nurse Chapels Federation ID card. Nurse Chapel tries the crystal on Spock but it has no immediate effect. Nurse Chapel finds Mudd in the shuttle bay and she shoots at him with a phaser. Mudd drops his crystals which get sucked into the ventilation system. Mudd captures Nurse Chapel and steals a shuttle craft to head back to the planet.

Kirk and Spock transport down to find Mudd and Chapel. Meanwhile the Enterprise crew starts all falling in love. On the surface, Mudd and Chapel are attacked by a giant three eyed rock creature and an rock crocidile. Kirk and Spock arrive and shoot it with their phasers but it has little effect. They call for an emergency beam out, but the crew is too busy with their romances. Kirk uses the last two crystals to infect the two rock creatures, causing them to start a mating ritual.

Once the crystals start wearing off, the away team get transported back with Harry Mudd.


"Never underestimate the spirit of Harcourt Fenton Mudd. I borrowed a vehicle." - Mudd
"Stole a spaceship." - Spock
"And left to find haven on Ilyra Six. A charming planet, an innocent and friendly populace." - Mudd
"To whom you sold the Starfleet Space Academy. Harry." - Kirk
"A fraud. But sold for enough credits to get to Sirius Nine." - Spock
"Where I discovered a boon to humanoid life, a miracle love potion." - Mudd
"Which you sold to a thousand inhabitants, who immediately became ill from using it." - Kirk

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