Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Requiem for Methuselah

TOS Season 3 Episode 19
Air Date: February 14th, 1969


The Enterprise hurries to the planet Holberg 917-G looking for a resource called ryetalyn, an ingredient for a medecine to cure people from the Rigellian fever that the crew has contracted. Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down and start looking and are greeted by a robot. The planet is supposed to be uninhabited but somehow there is a man named Flint who is living on the planet. He is from Earth and has moved to this planet as a form of retirement. At first he is hostile towards the away team but when he realizes that the Enterprise won't leave until they get their medicine he tells his robot to go get it.

In the meantime he invites the away team over to his house. In his house there are original Leonardo DaVinci paintings, music from Johannes Brahms, and whisky that is over a hundred years old. Flint introduces them to his adopted daughter Rayna who immediately has a romantic connection to Kirk. As Kirk and Rayna get closer you can see a jealousy come from Flint which is odd since it is his daughter.

Through some investigation they discover that Rayna is an android that Flint created, and she is just his latest attempt. Flint had used Kirk to try to cause her to learn to love, in hopes that when Kirk leaves she would grow to love him. Spock questions Flint about his paintings and musics noting that they are recent productions but also original which is a paradox. Flint admits that he is thousands of years old and one day on earth he was killed in battle, only he didn't actually die. Over history he was Methuselah, DaVinci, Alexander, and many others some known some unknown.

At first Flint was going to hold the Enterprise in suspended animation to prevent the Federation from knowing that he exists, and even converts the Enterprise into a toy model. Flint and Kirk end up fighting and Reyna shows up and breaks up the fight. Kirk tells her that she needs to choose who she wants to be with. This causes her experience a stronger emotion then she has ever felt and causes her systems to shutdown and she dies. 

Flint feels the loss as does Kirk and he lets the Enterprise go. The episode ends with Kirk sleeping at his desk in grief with Spock using a Vulcan mind meld to help him forget.


"Flint is my teacher. You are the only other men I've ever seen." - Rayna
"The misfortune of men everywhere, and our privilege." - McCoy

"Do you think the two of us can handle a drunk Vulcan? Once alcohol hits that green blood." - McCoy

"I am close to experiencing an unaccustomed emotion." - Spock
"I'll drink to that." - McCoy

"The joys of love made her human, and the agonies of love destroyed her." - Spock

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