Sunday, February 10, 2019

Spock's Brain

TOS Season 3 Episode 1
Air Date: September 20th, 1968


The Enterprise discovers an unknown probe or ship that has a more advanced propulsion system. They detect one life aboard and as they are scanning the probe, the life form transports to the bridge and disables the entire crew. When the crew wakes up, Spock is missing. McCoy calls Kirk to sickbay where Spock is on life support, his brain removed.

They track the ships ion trail to a system with three class M planets. The first planet is most populated but is still primitive technologically. The second planet is more advanced but still not capabable of ion engine technology. The third planet is barely populated with cavemen and in an ice age but there is a strong energy detected on the planet.

Kirk decides to go to the third planet and when they land they are attacked by the cavemen. It is easy to scare them off with phasers and they capture one and find out there are others that "provide pain and delight". They discover a structure buried under ground. Spock and McCoy beam down, Spock being controlled by a device attached to his head. They go into the structure where the door behind slams shut acts like a turbolift and Scotty detects ion power. When the turbolift doors open they find a girl with similar technology as the one that took Spock's brain and they stun her.

Kirk asks about Spock's brain but she is completely oblivious to the question. Scotty detects a comms signal and discovers Spock on the other end. Shortly after they encounter the women who stole Spocks brain and are knocked out, just like before and taken prisoner. When they awaken they question their captors but they act primitive and almost like children.

After the women with the devices that cause pain leave Kirk, McCoy and Scotty fight the guards and free themselves. When they find Spock's brain, one of the women tries to cause pain again but Kirk is able to use Spock's body to subdue her. Kirk figures out that Spock's brain is effectively controlling the life support systems of the facility.

They learn that there is a helmet that teaches people things and for a short time people can learn things far beyond their natural capabilities. McCoy then uses it to learn how to reintegrate Spocks brain.


While the plot of the episode was in retrieving Spock's brain, it is interesting how the culture on this planet occurred. Many years before there was a very advanced civilization that was dealing with an ice age. They separated men and women keeping the women in the underground facilities led by a disembodied brain. This created a schism between men and women and the brain would control things like mating.


"I'm trying to thread a needle with a sledgehammer." - McCoy

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