Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Immunity Syndrome

TOS Season 2 Episode 18
Air Date: January 19th, 2019

Shortly after receiving a distress call from the USS Intrepid, a ship with a Vulcan crew, Spock gets a psychic vibe that everyone on the ship is destroyed. They also get a report that a planet has vanished, with a billion people on it. They rush to investigate and find what looks like a hole in space. They send a probe into the hole and it vanishes. So Kirk did what anybody would do when you discover an unknown hole. He flew into it.

Once inside, all the stars disappeared and the Enterprise starts being pulled into what appears to be the center of the hole. They reverse engines but it causes them to accelerate. Kirk concludes that there is an opposite thing going on and tells Scotty to put the engines on forward and sure enough they slow down, but keep moving towards the center. Meanwhile something in this hole is slowly draining the energy from everything, including the people who are starting to feel weak and ill. Nobody dies from what I can tell but some people got close.

Eventually they get close to the center and find what appears to be a giant amoeba, over 11 miles wide. McCoy suggests that a manned shuttle should be sent into the creature to find a way to kill it and escape. Kirk decides to send Spock who discovers that the amoeba is about to split which means there would be two of these holes swallowing up planets and ships and eventually the whole galaxy could be filled with them as two makes four makes eight, etc...

They lose contact with Spock before he could get to the part on how to destroy it, so the Enterprise itself goes into the amoeba. Once inside they realize an antimatter bomb should do the trick and they destroy the amoeba.

This is the last episode that Kirk wears the green tunic.

"I've asked you three times for information on that thing and you've been unable to supply it. Insufficient data is not sufficient, Mr. Spock! You're the science officer. You're supposed to have sufficient data all the time." - Kirk

"Captain, I recommend you abandon the attempt. Do not risk the ship further on my behalf." - Spock
"Shut up, Spock, we're rescuing you!" - McCoy
"Why, thank you, *Captain* McCoy." - Spock

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