Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Infinite Vulcan

TAS Season 1 Episode 7
Air Date: October 20th, 1973


The Enterprise is surveying a planet on the fringe of the galaxy. While on the planet, Sulu gets poisoned by a local plant that is capable of unrooting itself and move to a better location. McCoy is unable to determine the proper antidote and then the locals appear and save Sulu. They are a race of plants.

Agmar, the leader explains that a human had been on their planet before, and the previous generation was infected and killed. Then the away team is attacked by flying plants that take away Spock. Agmar said they need him but the rest can go. Kirk threatens Agmar and then a giant human named Stavos Keniclius V shows up and tells Kirk to leave, or else. Kirk complies.

McCoy finds out that Stavos was a scientist during the eugenics war who disappeared hundreds of years ago. Kirk concludes that it is a clone of Stavos, probably the fifth one since he would have died of old age.

They transport down to the planet and capture Agmar demanding Spock back. Agmar tells them that they are dying and Spock's physical and mental strengths are what they need. Agmar takes them to Spock, but it is a trap. Once they find Spock he is dying, but Stavos reveals that there is a s Spock II, who is as tall as Stavos.

Kirk tries to convince Spock that there is no logic letting the first die. The Enterprise then reveals that Stavos wanted to build a super race to enforce peace. Kirk tells Stavos that there is peace in the Federation. Stavos doesn't believe it. Spock II realizes that Spock shouldn't die and uses a mind meld to give Spock his memory back.

Spock II stays behind to work with Stavos V to help the local civilization survive their ordeal.


"Now, just a minute. I can't let you, whatever you are, inject him with some alien dew drop!" - McCoy
"Your medication worked quickly." - McCoy
"A minor achievement." - Agmar
"Minor? Our science doesn't have anything that works that fast. Yours must be incredible. The toxin level is decreasing fast." - McCoy

"Well, how about that. Great granddaddy's weed spray still works." - McCoy

"If you have Spock's mind, you'll know the Vulcan symbol called the Idic." - Kirk
"Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Symbolizing the elements that create truth and beauty." - Spock

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