Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Lights of Zetar

TOS Season 3 Episode 18
Air Date: January 31st, 1969


The Enterprise is transporting some equipment to Memory Alpha, a planetoid that houses all the knowledge from all the cultures in the Federation along with Lieutenant Mira Romaine, who is in charge of the equipment. She and Scotty also have been flirting with each other. On the way to Memory Alpha, they encounter a space storm that is travelling at warp speed, something no natural phenomenon can do. When the storm overtakes the Enterprise, everyone on boards brain is attack causing people to lose vision, hearing, speech and other functions, but each person a slightly different reaction. Romaine was the only one to faint and when she comes to she starts speaking in tongues.

The storm beats the Enterprise to Memory Alpha and all but one are dead. The one that is alive is speaking in tongues just as Romaine did, starts glowing and then dies. It also turns out that Romaine predicted the death of the crew of Memory Alpha. Scotty tries to get her to keep it to herself as it can affect her career talking about seeing the future. But when the storm starts chasing the Enterprise, they have to question Romaine more.

They find out that shooting phasers at the storm was hurting Romaine and eventually they are able to talk to the storm presence inhabiting Romaine's body. They find out that they were the last 100 people of a civilization that died thousands of years ago and they were able to transfer their consciousness into energy. They possessed Romaine so they may live again.

McCoy concludes that an increase in air pressure could kill or force the storm energy out since they have been living in space so long the pressure might have an effect. Turns out it works, and they save Romaine.


Memory Alpha is the name of the wiki site for all Star Trek information. It is appropriately named as the Memory Alpha was effectively a wiki for the Star Trek universe. It is interesting how much Gene Roddenberry predicted where we were going technologically.


"Scotty, where've you been? Where are you?" - Kirk
"In the Sickbay." - Scotty
"Are you sick?" - Kirk
"Oh, no. I was just checkin' on the lass. She's going to be fine, though. There's nothing wrong with her." - Scotty
"Well, I'm relieved to hear your prognosis, Mr. Scott. Is the doctor there with you or will I find HIM in Engineering?" - Kirk

"Well, this is an Enterprise first. Dr. McCoy, Mr. Spock and Engineer Scott find themselves in complete agreement. Can I stand the strain?" - Kirk

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