Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Magicks of Megas-tu

TAS Season 1 Episode 8
Air Date: October 27th, 1973


The Enterprise explores the galaxy core to investigate the theory that matter is still being made after the big bang. Arriving at the core and it is a giant space storm that draws the Enterprise in. They try to fight the storm but the ship is unable to take the stress. Spock then takes the ship deeper into the storm hoping to find an eddy.

Once in the eddy, the laws of physics start changing. The engines start fading out, life support fails. Then the devil himself shows up and reactivates all the systems saving the crew. He goes by the name Lucien. Lucien transport Kirk, Spock and McCoy to his domain, Megus-tu. A planet where magic is real.

Lucien explains that they became lonely in their eternity, so they went out from their dimension and explored eventually finding earth where they became advisers to the people there and brought some of the magic with them. But eventually they had to leave but Lucien didn't want to go. He was known as a troublemaker but he loved the people and is very happy that humans have arrived.

Lucien then panicks and tells Kirk they must not be discovered and sends him back to the Enterprise. Spock realizes that magic is a part of the universe they are in, so he must be able to tap into it. He figures out how to move a chess piece with his mind. The crew start practicing using the magic which lets the others find the Enterprise.

The others, they call the humans evil and say they are the ones that will suffer this time. They explain that the people of Earth tried to use their magic and powers to make them stronger and eventually they would be burned as witches. So it is fitting that the humans of the Enterprise are tried as witches in Salem Massachusetts. Spock is assigned as defense lawyer and show that humans are good now.

They vote and decide the Enterprise arrived by accident and probably would never be able to get back so they would be free to go. But Lucien would be punished. Kirk defends Lucius even when he finds out he is also known as Lucifer.

Kirk and Lucifer then get into a magic war and while he can't win, he does use words to show that the people of Megas-tu would be as evil as the humans they remember. They then find out that this was all a test to see if humans had changed and Kirk passed.


"Call me Lucien! Call me friend! Never could I abandon those who come to rollick with me." - Lucien

"It looks like ancient Earth, Spock. Sixteenth or seventeenth century, I'd guess." - Kirk
"Approximately 1691, Captain" - Spock

"Look at General Order number One. No starship may interfere with the normal development of any alien life or society. Compare that with the Earth you once knew." - Kirk

"You think Lucien really was the demon some men call Lucifer?" - McCoy
"Does it really matter?" - Kirk
"It just might, Captain. If he was, this would be the second time Lucifer was cast out, and thanks to you, the first time he was saved." - Spock

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