Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Original Series: Season Three

Almost two months in and I finally finished the Original Series. While I did enjoy the overall experience, many episodes I had never seen or only remember piece of, I did feel that it was getting old. Most of the stories were rehashes of other stories. This season alone had 3 episodes almost back to back where the Enterprise or some planet was dealing with a viral or bacterial outbreak and needed some resource from the planet of the week. Overall I felt season 3 was the same as season 2. No real character development and more monster of the week type stories.

The one thing I did enjoy about this season over previous seasons is seeing Spock get the spotlight a bit more. There was one episode where Kirk was in another dimension and the crew had to figure out how to get him back. And a few episodes had Kirk stranded on a planet which left Spock in command. He even was the love interest of a few of the female characters when you were expecting it to be Kirk as usual.

Red Shirts

The animated series still has to way in, but the meme was usually targeted at the Original Series. Season 3 had the lowest number of officer deaths yet, with only 5 red shirts and 1 blue shirts. Overall though, the count was red: 28, blue: 8 and gold 6. I am curious on how things will go with the other series.

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