Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Original Series: Season Two

Finished TOS Season 2. It took almost exactly 2 weeks to get through it. I enjoyed it for the most part but it did have a different feeling then the first season. I felt that a third of the episodes weren't really science fiction episodes but either time travel episodes to the 20th century or they find planets that have developed to technology equivalent to 20th century Earth, many times due to contamination by some corrupted starfleet officer or Earth literature left behind on the world. The season did include a few space creature battles and even revisited some characters or themes from season one (Ex: Harry Mudd).

Mirror Earths

There were 3 or 4 episodes this season where they end up on a planet that mimics Earth almost exactly. One planet was run by a series of mob bosses fighting each other where they learned how to make cars and guns using literature left behind. Another planet is still in the Roman era but with 20th century technology. And yet another is mimicking Nazi Germany.

Mirror Universe

The season introduced the mirror universe, an alternate dimension where the Federation is called the Empire and civilization developed around the concept of greed and selfishness instead of altruism. The mirror universe will be revisited by other series and are always entertaining to watch.


Uhura had a few episodes where she would use her musical talents but for the most part she was just playing the communications officer with little to no character development.


I was surprised that Sulu was only in about half of the episodes. Many episodes had a different person at the helm. I found that episodes with Scotty generally didn't have Sulu as usually one or the other would be given the conn when Kirk and Spock went on an away mission. This season didn't develop the character at all.


This season introduced the character Pavel Chekov in the role of navigator aboard to the Enterprise. They developed the character as a young Kirk like character who is always providing facts about Russia, even when they aren't facts. He added a witty humor element to the series.


Scotty had a more significant role on Season 2. He would be left in command of the Enterprise when Kirk and Spock would go an an away mission, and usually have to get involved in cat and mouse tactics with other ships like the Klingons. He also is more involved in his role as Chief Engineer and in the Tribbles episode even defends the honor of the Enterprise by starting a fight with a Klingon.


Spock had a few episodes where we was able to portray a different character or a different side of Spock. In the first episode he had to deal with the Pon Far which caused him to have emotional outbursts. He was taken over by an alien consciousness which wanted to kill everyone aboard the Enterprise. He smiled more this season. Spock is definitely my favorite character so far.


McCoy is McCoy. He is Spock's arch nemesis in the way of words always fighting Spock's logic. On away missions he generally acts as the emotional side while Spock plays the logical side leaving Kirk in the middle. This season it is even more so.


Kirk this season got a little less womanizer and a bit more on the exploration of new worlds and civilizations. Now there is still once per episode where a women walks into the room and they focus on Kirk's eyes looking at her and her looking back at Kirk, but there were many episodes where Kirk ignores this keeps on mission which is an improvement for him.

Red Shirts

This season, red shirts won by a clear margin. There were 19 red shirts that died to only 2 blue and 1 gold. Two thirds of them died in three consecutive episodes though, with most episodes having no deaths.

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