Saturday, February 23, 2019

Turnabout Intruder

TOS Season 3 Episode 24
Air Date: June 3rd, 1969


The Enterprise responds to a distress call from an planet to an extinct civilization where there is an archaeological expedition. There was an accident involving radiation and many were killed and wounded including a woman that Kirk dated at Starfleet Academy a Dr. Janice Lester. Kirk asks to be alone with Janice who is in a kind of vegetative state. But as he leaves she gets up and activates a device that lets her swap bodies with Kirk. She goes to kill Kirk in her body but is interrupted before she can. In order to prevent Kirk from talking she keeps him unconscious and brings him to the Enterprise with Dr. Coleman her associate.

Once on board, Janice confronts Dr. Coleman who seems to know that she swapped bodies with Kirk and after all the people who got hurt and killed he tells her that he won't commit murder for her. She orders that Dr. Coleman be in charge of Janice's treatment.

McCoy suspects that something happened to Kirk on the planet and orders an examination. While he is examined, Spock sees Janice and talks to her. She tells Spock that she is the captain, and using a mind meld he realizes she is correct. When Spock tries to get Janice to safety Kirk has Spock placed under arrest for mutiny.

In the court martial hearing the evidence against Spock is damning but Spock uses words that whips Janice into a frenzy which brings doubts to the senior staff. Before the vote, Scotty tells McCoy that if he votes for Spock, Kirk wouldn't accept the result and they would have to mutiny. Kirk was recording that conversation and sentence Scotty and McCoy to death. This causes the rest of the crew to stop obeying Kirk creating a full fledged mutiny.

Meanwhile, Spock is using telepathic abilities to temporarily transfer Kirk back into his body but it only lasts for a minute. Janice goes to Dr. Coleman and asks him to murder her old body with Kirk in it or they will be discovered for committing murder. But while Dr. Coleman tries to inject a poison into Janice's old body, she resists and in the struggle their presence is swapped back. She goes into a frenzy wanting Kirk to be killed. Kirk lets Dr. Coleman take her to see if she can be helped.


The final episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. It aired over a month after the 23rd episode. The episode ended as many did, as if there was going to be more adventures, just none that we get to see ourselves.


"Youth doesn't excuse everything" - Janice (in Kirk's body)

"Your heart will last forever Captain." - McCoy

"No, sir, I shall not withdraw a single charge that I have made. You are NOT Captain Kirk. You have ruthlessly appropriated his body, but the life entity within you is not that of Captain Kirk. You do NOT belong in charge of the Enterprise, and I shall do everything in my power against you." - Spock

"We'll have to take over the ship." - Scotty
"We're talking about mutiny, Scotty." - McCoy
"Aye. Are you ready for the vote?" - Scotty

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