Sunday, February 24, 2019

Week Eight

I fell real short this week. With I was supposed to be done with The Original Series on Wednesday and be 6-8 episodes into The Animated Series. I ended up playing Anthem too much and didn't finish the Original Series until Saturday morning. I was able to watch a few of The Animated Series though. The next week will be interesting as I should be able to finish The Animated Series by Thursday but then I have 4 movies to watch, each around 2 hours long.

For the last half of season 3, one of my favorite episodes was "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield". I remember this episode fairly well from when I saw it as a child. It opened my eyes to the issue of racism, and how so much hate and biases can be caused by something as trivial as skin color. I also enjoyed "Requiem for Methuselah" and "The Savage Curtain".

Both the first episodes of The Animated Series have been fun to watch too. I was expecting a lot of repeated animations and dialog, but so far it is like a compressed episode of The Original Series. Voice acting is pretty good and while it is 70s animation, it does allow for more interesting aliens and effects.

This week only one red shirt and one blue shirt died. I have noticed that officer deaths are actually not a common thing in The Original Series. Only a small handful of episodes created this meme.

TOS S3E15: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
TOS S3E16: The Mark of Gideon
TOS S3E17: That Which Survives
TOS S3E18: The Lights of Zetar
TOS S3E19: Requiem for Methuselah
TOS S3E20: The Way to Eden
TOS S3E21: The Cloud Minders
TOS S3E22: The Savage Curtain
TOS S3E23: All Our Yesterdays
TOS S3E24: Turnabout Intruder
TAS S1E1: Beyond the Farthest Star
TAS S1E2: Yesteryear

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