Sunday, February 3, 2019

Week Five

Started season two this week. Was able to watch 13 episodes, one short of my goal of 14. Doing a quick look at where I stand, as of February 2nd, 2019 it is 33 days into the year so I should be at 66 episodes. I just finished episode 42 meaning I am 14 episodes behind which is one week.

There were some really good episodes this week. The season premier Amok Time introduced the Pon-Far. The Pon-Far is brought up in future series with Tuvok and T'Pol. The episode Mirror Mirror shows an alternate reality where the Federation never formed but instead the Empire, an evil version. The alternate universe makes a few appearances in DS9. I, Mudd was a silly but funny episode that I recommend watching just to have a good laugh. Doomsday machine was one I remembered as a child that was fun to watch. The Enterprise fighting space creatures tend to be goo ones. Journey to Babel introduces Serek and his relationship with Spock.

The red shirt death count went through the roof this week. Multiple episodes had more then one red shirt die propelling it into a comfortable lead. The standings are now Red: 20, Blue 7, Gold 6.

TOS S2E1: Amok Time
TOS S2E2: Who Mourns for Adonais?
TOS S2E3: The Changeling
TOS S2E4: Mirror, Mirror
TOS S2E5: The Apple
TOS S2E6: The Doomsday Machine
TOS S2E7: Catspaw
TOS S2E8: I, Mudd
TOS S2E9: Metamorphosis
TOS S2E10: Journey to Babel
TOS S2E11: Friday's Child
TOS S2E12: The Deadly Years
TOS S2E13: Obsession

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