Sunday, February 10, 2019

Week Six

Another 13 episode week. I didn't get to watch many episodes during the week so I ended up binge watching 6 episodes on Saturday to finish season one. I tried out my Google Sheets magic and found a way to mark each episode with a date that I need to watch it on in order to complete my goals. The equation was "=DATE(2019, 1, 1) + (365 / 761) * (row() - 1)". The equation basically takes the number of days in a year, divides it by the number of episodes/movies and multiplies it by the episode/movie number (row - 1). This gives me the number of days into the year that the episode must be watched so I add January 1st, 2019 to the number which gives me the target date. You can see the results in the sheet. YearOfTrek Sheet

According to this, I should have started season three on January 27th, 2019 and for today, February 10th, 2019 I should be on the animated series already which is 29 episodes from now. If I can catch up I am certain I can maintain the needed pace, so the challenge for the end of February is to catch up. Weekends I can binge, and I get presidents day off. This will be a tough few weeks.

Regarding this weeks episodes, the obvious must watch is The Trouble With Tribbles. It is often considered one the best original series episodes. I also recommend A Piece of the Action which has Kirk and Spock in a Chicago mobster scenario with some good humor and the episode Patterns of Force was the episode where they had to deal with Nazis. I also enjoyed Return of Tomorrow since it let us see Leonard Nimoy play a different kind of role.

Red shirt deaths this week was tamer then the previous week with four red shirts to one blue and zero gold.

TOS S2E14: Wolf in the Fold
TOS S2E15: The Trouble with Tribbles
TOS S2E16: The Gamesters of Triskelion
TOS S2E17: A Piece of the Action
TOS S2E18: The Immunity Syndrome
TOS S2E19: A Private Little War
TOS S2E20: Return to Tomorrow
TOS S2E21: Patterns of Force
TOS S2E22: By Any Other Name
TOS S2E23: The Omega Glory
TOS S2E24: The Ultimate Computer
TOS S2E25: Bread and Circuses
TOS S2E26: Assignment Earth

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