Saturday, February 16, 2019

Whom Gods Destroy

TOS Season 3 Episode 14
Air Date: January 3rd, 1969


The Enterprise is bringing a new medicine that they believe will completely cure insanity to a Federation facility for the criminally insane. Kirk and Spock transport down with the medicine and gives it to Governor Cory, but it turns out the insane Captain Garth had disguised himself as Cory and takes Kirk and Spock prisoner. He then disguises himself as Kirk and plans to take over the Enterprise. But Kirk created a failsafe before beaming down, a code phrase "Queen to queens level 3" which Garth did not know the answer to.

Garth treats Kirk and Spock to dinner to try to convert them to his side but attempt after attempt Kirk and Spock hold their ground. He tortures Cory to try to get the response to the code phrase but still Kirk won't answer. So he tries a new tactic, torturing Kirk which still doesn't work.

While Kirk is recovering, the Orion women Marta gives him water and starts seducing him. Kirk uses this to his advantage to try to convince her to help him, but what Kirk doesn't realize is that she is there because she kills her lovers and tries to kill Kirk. Kirk fends her off and Spock arrives with a phaser (Marta arranged for him to escape).

Kirk and Spock are able to escape and when Scotty asks for the code, Kirk realizes that it could be a trick and orders Spock to give the code, Spock turns out to be Garth. He then uses his special explosives to kill the Marta as an example of how powerful his explosives are. Meanwhile Spock escapes and when he finds Kirk and Garth, Garth is now looking like Kirk again. Spock then has to ask questions to find out which one is Kirk and which is the fake but both have good answers to the questions. Kirk then gets a fight with Kirk and in a moment of stalemate, one Kirk orders Spock to shoot the other and the other Kirk orders Spock to shoot both. This makes the choice obvious for Spock and he shoots Garth.

McCoy beams down with more medicine and cures Garth and the others of their insanity.


"How can we be powerful enough to wipe out a planet and still be so helpless?" - McCoy

"On you knees before me! All the others before me have failed: Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, Lee Kuan, Krotus. All of them are dust!" - Garth

"Mr. Spock, letting yourself be hit on the head, and I presume you let yourself be hit on the head, is not exactly a method King Solomon would have approved." - Kirk

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