Sunday, March 3, 2019


TAS Season 2 Episode 4
Air Date: September 28th, 1974


The Enterprise is about ready to leave Dramia after delivering medical supplies when a warrant for the arrest of Doctor McCoy is provided. McCoy is placed under arrest and awaiting trial. He is charged with causing the deaths of hundreds of people from a plague 19 years ago.

Kirk travels to Dramia II where the plague took place, a now quarantined planet to find evidence. Once he gets there he finds the planet it ruins but discovers a survivor Kol-Tai who McCoy treated for a disease 19 years ago. He is the sole survivor of the plague. They bring him back to testify but on the way he and the entire crew of the Enterprise contract the plague. It turns out that there was an intersteller cloud that caused the plague and the antibodies formed by the cure McCoy gave to Kol-tai allowed him to survive. They break McCoy out of jail and cure the crew. This also proves McCoy's innocence.


"Plagues seldom leave behind fields of flowers, Captain." - Demos

"You realize doctor, if you go and fail to find an antidote, you too will die." - Spock
"I'm a doctor, Spock. A doctor! Get us beamed aboard!" - McCoy

"Gentlemen, I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get back to Starbase." - Kirk
"Yes, sir." - Spock
"And I'm ready to get back to some of that monotonous, ol' routine sickbay work." - McCoy
"Including, I would hope, some of that monotonous, old dispensing of the regular vitamin rations to the crew." - Spock
"What is that supposed to mean?" - McCoy
"Well, you have been derelict in your duties, of late, doctor." - Spock
"Spock, you know as well as I do what we've all just been through." - McCoy
"Hippocrates would not have approved of lame excuses, doctor." - Spock

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