Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Coming of Age

TNG Season 1 Episode 19
Air Date: March 14th, 1988


The episode has two plots. The first is Wesley Crusher taking a test to enter Starfleet Academy. It is a competition with 3 other candidates. Wesley passes all the tests with flying colors but struggles on the psych evaluation. In the end he lost mostly because he helped one of the other candidates one of the tests hurting his score. While the proctor said it was not for just that reason, it shows Wesley's character and he should try again next year.

The second part involves an investigation on the Enterprise by Admiral Quinn and his assistant Lt. Cmdr. Remmick. We learn that it is Captain Picard that is under investigation as Admiral Quinn believes there is something taking over the Federation and that secrecy is necessary. He needed to make sure Picard was not in on whatever is going on, which is why the investigation was done.


This is a precursor to an episode at the end of the season that deals with this threat to the Federation, which is one of my favorite episodes


"You don't like me very much, do you?" - Remmick
"Is it required sir?" - Worf

"It's a good thing you're cute, Wesley, or you could really be obnoxious." - Mirren

"I thought there was nothing that could frighten a Klingon warrior." - Wesley
"Only fools have no fear." - Worf

"It is very difficult for me to depend on anyone for anything, but especially for my life." - Worf
"But on the Enterprise, you do that every day. Everyone depends on everyone else to protect them." - Wesley
"Yes." - Worf
"So you overcame it?" - Wesley
"No. It is still my enemy." - Worf

"Mr. Remmick, you've talked to every member of this ship; I think you had enough time to find out whatever it is you're looking for." - Picard
"Are you afraid, if I keep looking, I'll find that you're guilty?" - Remmick
"The only thing I am guilty of is allowing this charade to go on so long." - Picard

"The only person you're truly competing against, Wesley, is yourself." - Picard
"Then you're not disappointed?" - Wesley
"Wesley, you have to measure your successes and your failures within, not by anything that I or anyone else might think. But, if it helps you to know this. I failed the first time, and you may not tell anyone!" - Picard

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