Sunday, March 3, 2019

Star Trek: The Animated Series

Took a little longer then a week to get through The Animated Series. I was pleasantly surprised as I was expecting a show more geared towards children, but it really was more Star Trek with real science fiction stories and voice acting from the original characters. The only character that wasn't in the series was Chekov. The voice acting outside of the main characters was actually pretty bad, but there was only a few characters per episode that were not the main cast.

They added two characters specific to this series. Chekov's replacement is named Arex who was a Edosian. Edosians are an alien that have three legs and three arms. When you see Arex in the show he is almost always at his station as navigator but you can see an arm sleeve coming out of the front of his uniform. He doesn't get much air time so we don't learn too much about his character. The other is M'Ress who is a Caitian, a cat like alien. She acts as communication officer when Uhura is on away missions which happened a lot more often in this series.

While Kirk, Spock and McCoy were still the main characters, they did develop Sulu, Uhura and Scotty more in this series. I think Uhura may have trippled her lines from the original series in one episode alone.

For the red shirt count, nobody died in the entire Animated Series.

There are episodes that shine above the rest which I list in my weekly summary, but overall I recommend anyone who hasn't seen The Animated Series should give it a shot. It isn't very long, only 22 episodes at 24 minutes each and it is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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