Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Big Goodbye

TNG Season 1 Episode 12
Air Date: January 11th, 1988


Picard takes some time to relax in the holodeck since he was being stressed out trying to learn an alien language for a diplomatic mission where one mispronunciation could result in bad diplomatic relations. The holodeck had just been upgraded to support AI characters and playable stories. Up to this point we have only seen scenery and this is the first time AI characters interact with people.

But a holodeck malfunction occurs trapping Picard, but also Data, Doctor Crusher and the historian Dr. Whalen. The malfunction prevents the exit to appear but also turns off the safety protocols. Eventually Wesley and LaForge are able to open the holodeck and in order to escape a mob boss, they trick him into exiting the holodeck where he disappears.

Picard gets to the bridge in time to recite the alien greeting, which he performs flawlessly.


The holodeck is one way that Star Trek is able to go to places that don't always make sense in a space travel show, and also reduces the number of times that time travel gets used to save money on production. From this point forward there are at least a few episodes a season of every series that takes place in some kind of holographic simulation.


"But you spell knife with a k." - Troi
"I spell knife with an n. But then I never could spell." - Picard

"Hiya, Doc, what's cookin'?" - Data
"You know, I had some trouble getting through. Where's Captain Picard?" - Doctor Crusher
"He's on ice." - Data
"Pardon?" - Doctor Crusher
"He's being grilled." - Data
"What is he, a fish?" - Picard

"So, Data, how was it?" - LaForge
"It was raining in the city by the bay, a hard rain. Hard enough to wash the slime" - Data
"Data!" - Picard
"Sorry, sir." - Data

"So have a nice vacation?" - Riker
"It was a nice place to visit, number one, but I wouldn't want to die there." - Picard

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