Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Counter-Clock Incident

TAS Season 2 Episode 6
Air Date: October 12th, 1974


The Enterprise is transporting it's first Captain Robert April and his wife Sarah to the planet Babel for his retirement ceremony when they detect a ship flying towards a supernova at Warp 36. The Enterprise tries to save the ship by catching it in it's tractor beam which just causes the Enterprise to be dragged along. They get pulled into the supernova and end up in a universe where everything is backwards. Time travels backwards, the ship controls in reverse. Space itself is all white with black stars.

They are finally able to communicate with the ship they were trying to save. Before the communications came in backwards but now it is clear. The other ship was trying to get back to their universe through a supernova that occurred in both universes, only in this one, a dead star comes to life with a supernova.

Once safe back at her home world, they track down another supernova in both universes. They don't find one but they found one that they can force to create the scenario. The captain of the other ship volunteers her ship unmanned to tow the Enterprise through the supernova since the Enterprise cannot achieve the necessary speed.

On their way to the supernova the effects of the time reversal accelerates leaving the crew as babies leaving Spock, Commodore April and his wife to finish the trip.


"No matter where I've traveled in the galaxy, Jim, this bridge is more like home than anywhere else." - April
"Yes, Commodore, I know the feeling." - Kirk
"To me she was always like my child. I was there in the San Francisco Navy Yard when her unit components were built." - April

"What a blessing to be able to live ones life over again. If the life you've led has left you unfulfilled. No Sarah, I don't want to live it all over again. I couldn't improve one bit on what we've had together." - April

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