Friday, March 1, 2019

The Eye of the Beholder

TAS Season 1 Episode 15
Air Date: January 5th, 1974


The Enterprise is sent to the planet Lectra VII where a scientific team hasn't reported in as expected. They arrive to find their ship abandoned with logs saying that they all transported to the surface. Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down and discover a planet with odd creatures that they recognize from other planets and the biomes change rapidly. Then they are captured by an alien who puts them into their version of a zoo.

Spock surmises that they are a highly intelligent race that communicates using telepathy. He tries to communicate but a Vulcan mind is too primitive for these aliens. It would be like trying a human and a dog talking, only you are the dog. The aliens want the people to live since they are an attraction, so they all think about the communicator being first aid device and the aliens give the communicator to Kirk. Kirk calls to the Enterprise and gives the order to be beamed up. But instead one of the alien children are beamed up.

Somehow Scotty can communicate with the child and the aliens realize that humans should be set free and maybe in ten thousand years, they will be intelligent enough to communicate.


"It isn't every day a dinosaur falls on ya." - McCoy

"They appear to be as advanced beyond Earth civilization as you are from a colony of ants." - Spock

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