Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Jihad

TAS Season 1 Episode 16
Air Date: January 12th, 1974


There exists a planet of peaceful bird people known as the Skorr. They weren't always a peaceful people, but years ago they were taught that peace was the better way and they changed from a warrior race. They created a sculpture in his honor and the sculpture represented their new peaceful ways. Only the sculpture was stolen. If the Skorr don't get it back, they would wage war on the galaxy and due to their ability to breed rapidly, could have an army in the billions in a few short years.

The prince of Skorr, Tchar gather a group capable of finding and retrieving the sculpture including Kirk and Spock. They track the sculpture to an unstable planet. After overcoming some challenges Spock and Kirk conclude that the only way other teams that preceded them could have failed is if there was an inside man stopping them. When they get to the sculpture they discover that Tchar himself was the traitor, and was trying to get his people to go to war. But his efforts are thwarted and he is arrested.

When Kirk and Spock are returned, their memories of the event is wiped and to the Enterprise they were only gone for 15 minutes.


"We'll all die here." - EM-3-Green
"A statistical probability." - Spock
"You ever quote anything besides statistics, Vulcan?" - Lara
"Yes. But philosophy and poetry are not appropriate here." - Spock

"We're tired, sore, hurt and angry. But we're also just about there." - Kirk

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