Sunday, March 17, 2019

Week Eleven

As mentioned in my last weekly summary, I have been very busy lately which is making me post these summaries late. Last week ended with the first episode of TNG which leads into this week getting through the first third of season one. When I started this venture it was a common theme of people saying the first few seasons of TNG are hard to watch, and I was expecting this to be so. But I have been surprised how many of the good episodes from my memory were in this season.

The episode with the Traveler (Where No One Has Gone Before) is one of my favorite early TNG episodes and The Battle where Picard is being mind controlled by the Ferengi. This week did yield two episodes I dislike. The Naked Now which is a copy of an original series plot and Code of Honor which is generally accepted as the worse TNG episode.

There was only one death that would qualify for the red shirt race, the death of a lead engineer who wears gold in the episode Lonely Among Us.

TNG S1E3: The Naked Now
TNG S1E4: Code of Honor
TNG S1E5: The Last Outpost
TNG S1E6: Where No One Has Gone Before
TNG S1E7: Lonely Among Us
TNG S1E8: Justice
TNG S1E9: The Battle

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