Sunday, March 24, 2019

Week Twelve

This week has been pretty busy as well so I only got to 7 episodes. But I am enjoying the first season of TNG more then I was expecting. There have been some episodes that I have had fond memories of and have been a joy to rewatch. Hide and Q is the second episode with Q in it, and any episode with Q is worth watching for the most part. The Big Goodbye had Picard playing the role of Dixon Hill Private Eye on the holodeck. Data meets his brother in Datalore and 11001001 lets us explore more of what is possible on the holodeck where we meet Minuet.

TNG S1E10 - Hide and Q
TNG S1E11 - Haven
TNG S1E12 - The Big Goodbye
TNG S1E13 - Datalore
TNG S1E14 - Angel One
TNG S1E15 - 11001001
TNG S1E16 - Too Short a Season

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