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TNG Season 3 Episode 18
Air Date: March 26th, 1990


While reading in his quarters Picard is transported off of the Enterprise into an enclosed room with two other captives. One is a Bolarus Starfleet cadet Haro and the other is Kova Tholl of Mizar II. A fourth captive appears Esoqq of a warrior race known as the Chalnoth. The four work together to try to escape though each deals with their situation in the same way. Picard eventually figures out that Haro is actually one the captures due to a trap he sets for her. The capturers reveal themselves and say that now that they are discovered their research on how other races deal with authority would not be useful and they would need new subjects.

Meanwhile a dupicate Picard is left on the Enterprise. While the duplicate seems to know almost everything Picard does, he does act different enough and even puts the Enterprise in danger. The crew does realize something is wrong and mutinies. At this point Picard is returned to the ship.

Picard then traps his capturers to show them what it is like to hold someone without their permission.


The first season of TNG toyed with the idea that there was a romantic interest between Picard and Doctor Crusher. It was only skirted around due to the relationship being mildly inappropriate. In this episode the duplicate Picard asks Beverly to dinner, dances with her and at the end kisses her. She feels awkward at the whole series of events, not because she doesn't reciprocate but more that it is very sudden.


"My race has no enemies." - Kova
"None? In the last three hundred years of Mizarian history, your planet has been conquered six times!" - Picard

"The replica was convincing?" - Picard
"Very convincing, but not perfect." - Riker
"Not perfect in what way?" - Picard
"Well, sir, I find it hard to believe you're that good a singer." - Riker
"A singer? I look forward to reading your report, Commander. At least, I think I do." - Picard

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