Sunday, April 21, 2019

Captain's Holiday

TNG Season 3 Episode 19
Air Date: April 2nd, 1990


Picard is coerced in taking a vacation on the resort planet Risa. While there he meets a human tomb raider named Vash and a Ferengi named Sovack. They are searching for the mythical Tox Uthat, a device that can cause a star to go supernova. Picard learns about it from two Vorgons who claim to be from the 27th century who know Picard is the one that finds it.

Picard teams up with Vash and finds the dig site but is unable to find the Tox Uthat and end up leaving Sovack digging for it. But Picard knows that Vash had already retreived it the day before and is using this ruse to make everyone think it wasn't there at all. Once confronted, Vash reveals the Tox Uthat and the Vorgons show up. But Picard doesn't trust them either and has the Tox Uthat destroyed.


This episode introduces the character Vash who is a love interest of Picards. She makes more appearences in TNG and even one episode of DS9. The Ferengi Sovack is played by Max Grodénchik who is known as playing Rom in DS9. They used the same prosthetic in this episode as they used in DS9.


"Tell me, Number One, is the entire crew aware of this little scheme to send me off on holiday?" - Picard
"I believe there are two ensigns stationed on deck 39 who know nothing about it." - Riker

"The Horga'hn is the Risian symbol of sexuality. To own one is to call forth its powers. To display it is to announce you are seeking jamaharon." - Joval

"You know, Jean-Luc, it's lucky for you we met. If it wasn't for me, If it wasn't for me, you'd still be back there sitting in the sun, relaxing." - Vash
"That happens to be why I came to Risa." - Picard
"I'm sure you hated every minute of it." - Vash

"Was it a relaxing trip, Captain?" - Troi
"Uh-huh." - Picard
"I knew he'd have a great time!" - Riker

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