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Data's Day

TNG Season 4 Episode 11
Air Date: January 7th, 1991

Lt. Cmdr. Data is creating a report for Cmdr. Bruce Maddox, who tried to take away Data's rights in the episode The Measure of a Man. He is compiling his daily routine in hopes it helps Cmdr. Maddox in his research.

The side plot involves the Enterprise transporting the Vulcan ambassador T'Pel to the Romulans in hope that negotiations of peace can be made. But while she is being transported there is a malfunction and T'Pel is killed. But in researching the malfunction they realize the Romulans faked the accident and actually kidnapped the ambassador. When confronted in the neutral zone they learn that T'Pel is actually a Romulan spy. Two more Romulan Warbirds decloak and the Enterprise returns to Federation space with it's tail between it's legs.

This episode introduces a lot of firsts. It is the episode where Keiko marries Miles O'Brien. We haven't seen her on the show yet but she does become a reoccurring character in TNG and a regular on DS9. They introduce the Bolian barber Mot who is in a few episodes a season.

The episode is shot completely from the perspective of Lt. Cmdr. Data. There are more then one creepy moment where you are watching another persons scene, with data standing awkwardly in the background. It was overall a really good episode as we get to see Data's perspective of everything through voice overs.


"My friend Chief O'Brien often says that above all else, he wants to make Keiko happy. Since cancelling the wedding will make her happy, I must conclude the Chief will be pleased at her decision." - Data

"This is the 1,550th day since the Enterprise was commissioned. Besides the arrival of Ambassador T'Pel, other events occurring today include four birthdays, two personnel transfers, a celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights, two chess tournaments, one secondary school play, and four promotions. Overall, an ordinary day." - Data

"He still won't talk. So they put the count's head on the chopping block. One more chance, says the queen. No, says the count. Then, just as the headsman swings the axe and the blade is about to fall, the count says, Wait, wait! I'll talk! But too late. And the moral to the story? Never hatchet your counts before they chicken." - Riker
"Commander Riker's easy-going manner and sense of humor is fascinating to me. I believe it to be one reason he is so popular among the crew. It may also be partly responsible for his success in matters of love. There may be a correlation between humor and sex. The need for more research is clearly indicated." - Data

"My hair does not require trimming, you lunkhead." - Data

"I could be chasing an untamed ornithoid without a cause." - Data
"A wild-goose chase?" - Doctor Crusher

"The safest and most logical decision in this situation is to contact Starfleet and await further instructions. However, based on past experience, I project only a seventeen percent chance Captain Picard will choose that alternative." - Data
"Red alert! All hands stand to battle stations!" - Picard

"In the game of poker, there is a moment when a player must decide if an opponent is being deceptive, or actually holds a winning hand. This decision is based not only on the odds, but also on an appraisal of the man. Is he bluffing, or does he have the cards?" - Data

"Some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you." - Riker

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