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TNG Season 4 Episode 2
Air Date: October 1st, 1990


After the Borg attack, the Enterprise is in space dock getting repairs and a minor refit. Captain Picard takes some shore leave to visit his brother Robert, his wife Marie and their son Renee. It is quickly made clear that Robert and Jean-Luc have had a falling out, which we learn is based on a philosophical different in opinion. Robert has always been a traditionalist, choosing to do everything by hand instead of relying on technology, while Jean-Luc joined the Federation and explores the stars.

While visiting, he meets a good friend from his youth who offers him a job leading a job at the bottom of the ocean. Picard seriously considers it and only after having a fist fight with his brother does he break down and share his feelings of his Borg experience.

Meanwhile on the Enterprise, Worf's adoptive parents Sergey and Helena Rozhenkho visit the Enterprise. Doctor Crusher retrieves some belongings which includes a message that Jack Crusher left for Wesley when Wesley was born.


The episode was a slow one for Star Trek but played with our emotions. Lt Worf's irritation for his parents, but you can still see he loves them, in his Klingon way. Wesley getting a message from his father 15 years after his death. And Jean-Luc making amends with his brother after his experiences with the Borg.


"I know who you are." - Rene
"Then you have the advantage." - Jean-Luc
"You're my nephew, Jean-Luc, from the star ship Enterprise." - Rene
"Then you must be my uncle Rene." - Jean-Luc
"I'm not your uncle. It's the other way around." - Rene
"Too bad. I rather enjoyed the idea." - Jean-Luc

"I'm afraid that Worf feels that, we do not understand him." - Helena
"Well, part of him may feel that way. There's another part that I've seen - part that comes in and... drinks prune juice. Part that looks out the window towards home. He's not looking towards the Klingon Empire. He's looking towards you." - Guinan

"You don't know, Robert. You don't know, they took everything I was. They used me to kill and to destroy and I couldn't stop them. I should have been able to stop them. I tried, I tried so hard. But I wasn't strong enough! I wasn't good enough! I should have been able to stop them, I should've, I should" - Jean-Luc
"So, my brother is a human being after all. This is going to be with you a long time, Jean-Luc. A long time. You have to learn to live with it. You have a simple choice now, live with it below the sea with Louis or above the clouds with the Enterprise." - Robert
"You know, I think you were right, after all. I think I did come back so that you could help me." - Jean-Luc
"Yeah, do you know what? I still don't like you, Jean-Luc." - Robert

"My ship will be ready to leave orbit soon. And I belong aboard. If I should ever doubt that again, I know where to come." - Jean-Luc

"Hello, Wesley. As I make this recording, you are about ten weeks old. I wanted you to know who I am today. You see, this Jack Crusher won't exist by the time you're grown up. I'll be older, more experienced, and hopefully a little wiser. But this person will be gone and I want you to know who your father was when you came into the world. When I see you lying there in your crib, I realize I don't know the first thing about being a father. So let me just apologize for all the mistakes I'm about to make as you grow up. I hope you don't grow up resenting the fact that I was gone so much. That comes with this uniform. I don't know if I can explain why Starfleet means so much to me. Maybe you'll understand when you get this recording. Maybe you'll even want to try one of these on. But you'll probably be a doctor like your mother. You're only a baby, but it's remarkable. I can see in your face all the people I've loved in my lifetime. Your mother, my father and mother. Our family. I can see me in you, too. And I can feel that you're my son. I don't know how to describe it, but there's this connection, this bond. I'll always be a part of you, Wesley. Well, I hope this made some sense to you. I'm not sure that it does to me, but maybe I'll do better next time. I love you, Wesley." - Jack
"Goodbye, Dad." - Wesley

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