Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Night Terrors

TNG Season 4 Episode 18
Air Date: March 18th, 1991

While looking for the USS Brittain, it gets stuck in a phenomenon known as a Tyken's Rift. The only way out would be to create a large explosion, bigger then even what a photon torpedo can generate. They do find the USS Brittain in tact but with all but one crew member dead. The survivor is a Betazoid who seems to be suffering major mental trauma.

Meanwhile, Counselor Troi is experiencing nightmares that is preventing her from getting sleep. Eventually the crew of the Enterprise starts hallucinating, getting irritable and even violent. Doctor Crusher discovers that they aren't experiencing REM during sleep which is an important part of mental health. She suspects that is what caused the demise of the crew of the Brittain.

Counselor Troi realizes that there must be another ship trapped on the other side of the Tyken's Rift that is trying to communicate with them and that is what is causing the crew to not have REM sleep. They discover a message in her dreams that they needed hydrogen to create the explosion.

There are a few interesting pieces in this episode but overall it is considered one of the weaker episodes.


"Eyes in the dark. One moon circles." - Dream Voice

"We have to dream in order to survive. If we don't reach REM sleep, we don't dream, we begin to lose our cognitive abilities, we find it hard to concentrate, we forget how to do the most ordinary task. Then we become irritable, paranoid. Some people experience hallucinations." - Doctor Crusher

"Sir. As my final duty as Acting Captain, I order you to bed." - Lt. Cmdr. Data

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