Saturday, April 13, 2019

Samaritan Snare

TNG Season 2 Episode 17
Air Date: May 15th, 1989


Picard and Wesley have to go to Starbase 515 leaving the Enterprise in the command of Riker. While they are gone they encounter a disabled ship run by a crew of Pakled that clearly doesn't understand how their ship works. La Forge volunteers to help and beams over. Only the whole thing was a ruse and the crew of the ship play possum in order to steal technology from passing ships. In the end, La Forge and Riker are able to communicate using innuendos that the Pakled don't understand and use it to disable their ship and beam La Forge back.


This was the episode that introduces Picard's artificial heart. The description of how it happened right down to Picard laughing after being stabbed will be recreated in a future episode with Q.


"Any classified weapons knowledge you share with your captors will be considered treason." - Worf
"Yeah, but I may have no choice." - La Forge
"You will die without honor." - Worf
"Thanks a lot, Worf." - La Forge
"You will never attain the 24th level of awareness." - Worf
"24? That's quite a challenge." - La Forge
"Indeed. 24 is the gateway to heroic salvation." - Worf

"Make us strong." - Grebnedlog
"Come on. There's not enough juice in these to blow up a passing asteroid." - La Forge
"Do it. Make us strong." - Grebnedlog
"I suppose we could increase the anti-matter charges." - La Forge
"Yes. We like power." - Reginod

"We are strong." - Reginod
"You're armed to the teeth." - La Forge
"Teeth are for chewing." - Grebnedlog

"Any rumors of my brush with death are greatly exaggerated, is that clear?" - Picard

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