Monday, April 22, 2019


TNG Season 3 Episode 23
Air Date: May 14th, 1990


Ambassador Sarek is being transported by the Enterprise for transportation to negotiate an agreement between the Federation and the Legarans. While on board, the crew start experiencing bouts of anger and aggression. Picard notices that Sarek cried during a concert and Doctor Crusher and Councillor Troi believes he is experiencing Bendii syndrome, a disease that effects Vulcans over 200 where they lose their ability to suppress their emotions.

One of Sarek's aids was able to deflect these emotions so Sarek could perform his final negotiation and retire with dignity. But these deflections is what was causing the crew's violent outbreaks. Sarek's aid suggested that if someone were to mind meld with Sarek and take his emotions temporarily he could finish the negotiations. Picard agrees to do this.


"It's ironic, isn't it? All this magnificent technology, and we still find ourselves susceptible to the ravages of old age, loss of dignity, the slow betrayal of our bodies by forces we cannot master. Do you still want to be one of us, Data?" - Picard

"No! This weakness disgusts me! I hate it! Where is my logic? I'm betrayed by, desires. Oh, I want to feel, I want to feel, everything. But I am, a Vulcan. I must feel nothing! Give me back my control!" - Picard

"We shall always retain the best part of the other, inside us." - Sarek
"I believe I have the better part of that bargain, Ambassador. Peace and long life." - Picard
"Live long and prosper." - Sarek

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