Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Bonding

TNG Season 3 Episode 5
Air Date: October 23rd, 1989


On an away mission left by Lt. Worf, a cave-in cost the life of Lt. Marla Aster. She left behind a son Jeremy. His father had died years before so he is without a family. The planet had once been populated but the people had destroyed themselves. But there was another civilization living on the planet, one of energy. They felt responsible for Marla's death and try to take Jeremy to the surface so they can simulate his mother and his life to make him happy.

Picard does everything in his power to stop Jeremy from leaving the ship and eventually resorts to explaining to both Jeremy and the alien that while the passing of Marla was extremely sad, it is part of life and will be a part of Jeremy. Picard has Wesley and Worf explain to Jeremy about losing their parents and Worf offers to join with Jeremy and be part of the same family. The alien understands and leaves.


This is the second story in Star Trek that talks about alleviating emotional pain and how it is an important part of who we are. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier was the other.

Lt. Marla Aster was a science officer that wore a blue uniform.


"Your philosophy is curious, Captain. What is so noble about sorrow? I can provide him an existence where he will feel no pain, no anguish." - Alien
"It is at the heart of our nature to feel pain, and joy. It is an essential part of what makes us what we are." - Picard
"It is our duty to make him happy again." - Alien
"Do you honestly believe he would be happy in, this total fiction, which you wish to create? What reason would he have to live? What you're offering him is a memory, something to cherish. Not to live in. It is part of our life cycle that we accept the death of those we love. Jeremy must come to terms with his grief. He must not cover it, or hide away from it. You see, we are mortal. Our time in this universe is finite. That is one of the truths that all humans must learn." - Picard

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