Monday, April 1, 2019

The Child

TNG Season 2 Episode 1
Air Date: November 21st, 1988


The Enterprise is tasked to transport deadly viruses from one planet to another in order for them to be used to create vaccines. While heading to pick up the viruses, they pass an energy based creature that is curious and explores the Enterprise. Eventually it decides it needs to become Human to understand Humans better and impregnates Deanna Troi. It only takes two days for the baby to go from two cells to a full baby and a few days more to become a 8 year old boy.

The entity uses his new body to learn about how Human's live and what they endure. But in the end he is emitting a radiation that was causing one of the viruses to grow and will eventually get free. He decides to give up his life as a Human to save the rest and goes back to being an energy based entity.


This episode deals with a few issues in society that still happen today but are finally getting addressed. While the intentions of the energy entity was noble, it effectively assaulted Deanna. There was a scene where the bridge crew were in the conference room discussing Deanna's pregnancy where Picard, Riker, Data and Worf were discussing things like security concerns and there was a comment from Worf that the baby needed to be aborted. The scene focused on Deanna who was clearly distraught and the discussion by the others was slightly muffled. It basically turned into 4 men talking about whether she could keep her baby. At first I was kind of angry at people who made the episode, but then Deanna had the perfect quote.

"Captain. Do whatever you feel is necessary to protect the ship and the crew. But know this, I'm going to have this baby!"

She says this with conviction and a bit of anger. This is probably the best acting I have seen from Marina Sirtis so far. In one line the scene went from being ignorant to enlightening.

Now that we have got past the serious stuff. This episode had a lot of firsts in it. It is the first episode to show Ten Forward. It is the very front of the ship on deck 10 (half way from the bridge at the top of the saucer section to the captains yacht at the bottom). It also introduces the characters Guinan and Doctor Kate Pulaski. Since Doctor Crusher had left the Enterprise to head of Starfleet Medical, it was toying with the idea that Wesley Crusher would also be leaving, but they worked it out that he could stay on the Enterprise as long as his schooling and duties were kept up on, and he had a guardian (Riker).


"Dat-a, look at this." - Pulaski
"Day-ta." - Data
"What?" - Pulaski
"My name. It is pronounced Day-ta." - Data
"Oh?" - Pulaski
"You called me "Dat-a." - Data
"What's the difference?" - Pulaski
"One is my name. The other is not." - Data
"Is this possible? With all of your neuro nets and hueristics? Is there some combination of circuits that make up a network for bruised feelings? Possible?" - Pulaski

"Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher has expressed his desire to remain on the Enterprise." - Picard
"I see. And, how did you respond?" - Riker
"I haven't yet, Number One, I didn't feel it was my decision alone. His remaining, will have effects on all of us." - Picard
"Good point, with his mother gone, who will see to his studies?" - Riker
"That's true. Of course, that responsibility would fall to Commander Data." - Picard
"And, who will tuck him in at night?" - Riker
"Come on, Commander!" - Wesley
"I will accept that responsibility." - Worf
"Well, we know he'll get his sleep. " - Troi
"You know, Number One? It seems to me that you would be best suited for these responsibilities. Are you willing to serve?" - Picard
"Difficult decision. Yes, I can do that." - Riker
"Very well, Mr. Crusher, contact your mother at Starfleet Medical, give her my regards, and tell her that you have my permission to remain on the Enterprise. But I will abide by her wishes." - Picard

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