Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Emissary

TNG Season 2 Episode 20
Air Date: June 26th, 1989


A Klingon battlecruiser which had traveled into deep space 80 years ago is returning. The crew had spent most of it in cryostasis and when they wake up, they will not know that the Federation and the Klingon empires have made peace. A Federation emissary is sent to the Enterprise, a half Human half Klingon woman named K'Ehleyr whom Worf had a relationship before.

Worf and K'Ehleyr are tasked to work together to figure out how to stop the Klingons from attacking every Federation colony in the sector. K'Ehleyr believes the only way is to destroy the Klingon battlecruiser but Worf wants to figure out other options. They fight a lot but eventually have what can only be described as makeup sex. Worf then wants to marry K'Ehleyr as is Klingon tradition but she doesn't want that which makes them fight again.

Worf finally comes up with the idea of acting as the captain of the Enterprise with K'Ehleyr as his first officer. Dressed fully in a Klingon warrior's uniform he tells the Klingon ship to stand down.


K'Ehleyr spends a few scenes talking to Troi about her history. Her father was Klingon and her mother was Human. While she has a better sense of humor then most Klingons, she also has an uncontrollable rage which we see in action a few times in the episode. There are many parallels that I noticed between K'Ehleyr and B'Elanna Torres from Star Trek Voyager who also has a really bad temper.


"Klingons never bluff." - Worf

"I've never before seen the Lieutenant so, unsettled." - Picard
"The Iceman's finally melting." - Riker

"Wait. You can't mean" - K'Ehleyr
"We are mated." - Worf
"Yes, I know! I was there!" - K'Ehleyr

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