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The Hunted

TNG Season 3 Episode 11
Air Date: January 9th, 1990


While in the Angosia system reviewing their application into the Federation, an Angosian prisoner Danar escapes from a prison moon. The Enterprise captures him after a few attempts and they start to learn that he is a soldier that was chemically and psychologically trained to kill and when he returned to society they preferred to imprison him instead of helping him.

Danar does escape from the Enterprise by outwitting the crew. He almost gets recaptured but wins a fight with Worf (though it was close) and transports to the Angosian security ship. He then rescues some of his fellow prisoners and attacks the capital. Picard beams down to inform the prime minister that he probably will want to negotiate with these prisoners to figure out a better solution.


Most of this episode has you at the edge of your seat. Danar's tactics leave you guessing what his intention is, and while he only acts in self defense, he does attack merilessly. While he does a lot of damage to the crew of the Enterprise, he does not actually kill any. Though it is confirmed that he does kill his Angosian prison guards.

This episode introduces the Jeffries tubes. Danar uses them to navigate the ship. In future episodes, Jeffries tubes are crawl spaces that are used to access ships systems but in this episode they are full size corridors.


"Do they mistreat you there?" - Troi
"Not at all. I'm comfortable, well-fed and housed... No, no, the Angosians take good care of their prisoners. It's simply a matter of never being able to leave." - Danar

"There is a full contingent of Security at all shuttle bays." - Worf
"You want my advice? Double it!" - La Forge

"Prime Minister, even the most comfortable prison is still a prison." - Picard

"Captain, you must do something. Call your ship." - Prime Minister Nayrok
"Quite right, Prime Minister. Enterprise, prepare to beam the away team back." - Picard

"A matter of internal security. The age-old cry of the oppressor." - Picard

"Number One - will you note in our report that if the government of Angosia survives the night, we will offer them Federation assistance in their efforts to reprogram their veterans." - Picard
"And if the government doesn't survive?" - Riker
"I have a feeling they will choose to." - Picard

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