Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Next Generation: Season Three

Finished season 3 with a huge cliffhanger. There were so many great episodes this season that I was able to fly through the entire season in just over a week. I am almost half way done the series and there are so many great episodes I am still anticipating.


I forgot to mention her in the last season summary. She was introduced in the beginning of season two, and with portrayed by Whoopi Goldburg. She is a El-Aurian which is a nomadic race of listeners. She knows Captain Picard from before she joined the Enterprise. She has first hand experience with both Q and the Borg.

Doctor Crusher

Doctor Crusher is back.

Lt. Cmdr. Geordi Laforge and Lt. Cmdr. Data

Geordi got another promotion this season. I remember him and Lt. Cmdr. Data having a closer relationship then they did in season three, though maybe that is something we see more in season five and beyond.

Red Shirts

This season had low death count on screen. There were many deaths caused by battles where the casualties were not explicitly identified. Of the ones I could identify, there were one death for each color.

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