Friday, April 19, 2019

The Price

TNG Season 3 Episode 8
Air Date: November 13th, 1989


The Barzan discover that their system has a stable wormhole to the gamma quadrant. They are looking to profit from it since their home is not very wealthy and can use an influx of technology and money. The Federation is one of many that are making a bid for access to the wormhole including the Ferengi and a Human Devinoni Ral who is representing the Chrysalians.

During the negotiations, Ral and Troi begin to see each other where Troi learns he is an empath (1/4 Betazoid) and that he uses his abilities to help him win in negotiations. In the end he does succeed in winning the bid for access to the wormhole, only Data and Geordi discover that the other side is not stable as it was now in the delta quadrant.


This episode is more focused on the relationship that Dal has with Troi, but also the moral implications of using emphatic abilities. Troi argues that what Ral does is dishonest since he uses his abilities to gain an advantage where one side profits. Ral argues that it is no different from what she does when Picard is negotiating with an opponent and asks for what the other is feeling. It is a grey line and his point that what she does may not be moral too is an interesting one.

In this episode two Ferengi get stuck in the Delta quadrant when the wormhole moves. Their story does get revisited in an episode of Voyager.


"My name's DaiMon Goss, and these are my counsels Kol and Doctor Arridor. We'll need chairs." - Goss
"I'm Captain Picard of the Enterprise; I am serving as host for these proceedings." - Picard
"Good. Then see to it we get some chairs." - Goss
"Let me explain" - Picard
"Fine, fine, just have your Klingon servant get us some chairs!" - Goss
"I'm in charge of security!" - Worf
"Then who gets the chairs?" - Goss
"DaiMon, due to the delicate nature of these negotiations, all parties have agreed that one representative will suffice. Now, I will be happy to provide your consuls with accommodations, and you may have my chair." - Picard

"You know, if this doesn't work, the thought of spending the rest of my life in here is none too appealing." - La Forge
"There is a bright side, Geordi. You will have me to talk to." - Data

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